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May 24, 2009

Phun Photographs

From haha.nu: the lifestyle blogzine comes artfully altered reality by Chema Madoz.

from Chema Madoz by Christian Caujolle (Assouline, 2005)

Additional photos can be seen at Madoz's website, but don't expect to find too much information on the artist. The page titled The Artist (El Autor), is about the work. Being a writer, I'm intrigued by the story behind the art. Even the entry in Wikipedia is lacking information, but at least it tells us that Chema is male, Spanish, was born in 1958, and that his birth name is Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz.

I offer you this entry into, or perhaps a revisiting of, Madoz's photos as a way to inspire your own work. Go to it!

Here's something from me:

cat tentatively
claws at raindrops
on the windowpane
© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

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