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December 6, 2009

Another Time-Sucking Suggestion

If you're a fan of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe prints, then perhaps you'd like to create a pop art picture in the style of Warhol. Big Huge Labs has a program that easily converts a photo into pop art. Here's my pop art cat, Skippy:

A few words of advice: before you start, crop your photo so that most of the background is removed, and, use a photo with good contrast. Avoid photos where there is a lot of reflected light or big areas of white.

You have the option of creating a image like the one above, or one with 4 or 9 panels. This is a nine-panel one of Skip:

You can create a pop art image in about 30 seconds, but the time sucking comes in when you start to obsessively click on the "shuffle" button to change the colors. The other evening I spent a good 3 hours trying different photos and colors.

You can save the image you like best to your computer, but, you may want to turn it into a work of art for your wall. Big Huge Labs will do that for you at a reasonable (in my opinion) price. It makes a great holiday gift for your mom (only if she has a sense of humor).

Last year at about this time, I went to NH's gem of a museum, the Currier Museum of Art, for an Andy Warhol: Pop Politics exhibit. One of the links from the online portion of the exhibit leads to an interactive demonstration of Warhol's screenprinting process. Check it out!

If the creation of pop art doesn't suck up all your time, then try this time-waster from a few months back. There should always be room for fun in your life!


  1. Excellent time-waster. I can always use a new one.

    Hey, you're hosting Poetry Friday this week. Hurray! I'll be back for it.


  2. You'd better come back! I'm taking the day off from work to give it my full attention!

  3. Love this. I spent this morning so far, thinking about how much time I waste and here I am, at your site! I so glad I stumbled upon it - the Warhol cat picture did it - was looking for images of TIME Wasting and yours came up. I've been wanting to do that exact thing with my cats and it's on my 'to do's' for this year. Thank you for the bighugslab tip. I was going to use photoshop but bighugs looks a lot easier. Check out my site if you get a chance. Do you Tweet?

  4. I'll check out your site when I get back from a library conference. I don't Tweet-blogging is enough time-sucking activity for me! I don't have photoshop, but I do use www.picnik.com. Thanks for writing!