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January 9, 2010

Crazy Robins!

At work yesterday, there was a flock (meaning dozens) of robins outside the library. Each time the door opened, they'd swoop from one tree to another. Now, this wouldn't be such an odd thing, except that it is JANUARY and this is NEW HAMPSHIRE! Those feathered critters should have flown south long ago. And what made it worse--it was snowing all afternoon. So, I tried to take a few pictures, but I couldn't get too close. The only one in which you could actually see a few of the birds is below. I wrote a little poem to go with it. I also wrote a haiku and posted it, and the photo, at 4 seasons haiku.


Why? I wondered,
would a flock of robins
not fly south for the winter?

Unless, of course, it
is to lighten the burden
of winter for me.
©Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

I apologize for the quality of the photo. It was already after 4, getting dark, and my lens was covered with melting snowflakes, thus the whitish spots.


  1. Great haiku, Diane. I like the gift-to-you idea.

    Check out this explanation at NHPR. http://cm.nhpr.org/node/10278

  2. Thanks for the NHPR article. I'm still going to worry about those crazy little birds, especially since I'm one of those who believe in global warming, and our role in it!