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February 19, 2010

Poetry Friday--I Beg Your Indulgence

I was looking through some little poems I wrote last year at this time. I'd forgotten about this one! (My life is as exciting this year as it was last year!)
A Dirty Habit

After I put the dirty clothes
in the washer and turn on the water
I stand with the lid open
watching the drum fill
listening to the sounds
of water plashing, rising
til it reaches the top.
The agitator takes over--
chooger chogger chooger chooger.
Round and round and
chooger chogger up and down
socks, shirts, pushed up
underwear, towels pulled down.
Sodden laundry hypnotically draws me in
until the click when the wash cycle ends.
The dreggy water drains
and I am roused and ready
with the fabric softener.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

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  1. Love the plashing and the draining of the dreggy water! My life could use a spin cycle and some softener about now...

  2. Our dryer is broken, so I appreciate a good laundry poem, Diane.

  3. I love poems like this about everyday activities. The end made me chuckle. Thanks!

  4. So funny how we can get lost in the ordinary, mesmerized by an everyday activity. And there's nothing wrong with that--that's my story!

  5. Thanks everyone! And yes, Laura, another of the everyday mesmerizing things in my life is a glass of seltzer--I love to watch the bubbles! (Bubble-watching is also a favorite activity for my cat!)