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February 26, 2010

Poetry Friday--Prune Juice

The latest issue of Prune Juice: Journal of Senryu and Kyoka Issue 3, Winter 2010, is now available online by clicking here.

You're not familiar with the terms senryu and kyoka? Simply put, a senryu has the same format as a haiku, but rather than Nature, it has human nature as its subject--human nature with all its foibles! Prune Juice's editor Liam Wilkinson describes it this way:
There it is, leaning on the mantelpiece, watching us go about our daily lives with a smirk stretched across its face.
In Japan, a kyoka is also known as a "mad" or "crazy" poem. As a senryu is to haiku, a kyoka is to tanka. For an explanation of the 5-lined tanka (a.k.a. waka), click here.

Below are two representative poems.

local landfill--
all the things
we had to have

                  John Soules

he scrutinizes
their every play;
I'm in it
for the commercials
and their firm Super Bowl butts

                  Janet Lynn Davis
I highly recommend spending some time with this delightful online journal!

Liam Wilkerson also edits 3LIGHTS: Journal of Haiku and Related Forms. The journal replaces the online gallery which I wrote about for a Poetry Friday post last year.

The Poetry Friday Round-Up for this week is hosted by Jone at Check It Out. Stop by!


  1. Most of them, yes. Some, not so much . . .

    one I particularly love -- the ohmmmm of flourescent lights!

  2. I just now came across this, more than 2-1/2 years late. Someone wanted to see the above poem, so to find it quickly, I Googled it, and this blog popped up. Hope you got a kick out of my Super B. "kyoka" (not to be punny). Cool blog!

  3. Hi Janet! I'm so glad you stopped by! I did enjoy your poem, and I understand quite well your Super Bowl priorities!