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April 16, 2010

Poetry Friday--Amazing!

The "Writers in the Schools" website has "A Poem a Day" email service during April, National Poetry Month. I signed up to receive poems written by school children but I didn't expect to be completely blown away by the writing of a 4th grader named Philip. Here's Philip's poem that, appropriately, was posted this past Monday:
Ode to Monday Morning

You’re ready for
school but you still
have 30 more minutes
left so you lie down
on the couch or sit.
It is the longest
30 minutes of your life.

Monday morning
is like homemade
play dough – you don’t
really know what
to do with it and
it takes forever
to wash off.
Holy cows! How I wish I could have written that second stanza! I'm not good with simile and metaphor, and this example is superlative! Good job, Philip! You've given me hope for the future of poetry in this country!

You can check out the WITS blog to catch up on the poems you've missed thus far this month. (By the way, thanks to the people at WITS who gave me permission to reprint Philip's poem.)

Photo by Eggybird

Here's a little Monday morning haiku that I wrote a while back:

monday morning...
three crows comment
on the traffic

Now that I'm studying the form, I've rewritten it as a tanka:

three crows comment
on the traffic
this monday morning
I wait at the light
and sip my coffee
© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

If you have a Monday morning poem, please share, then head on over to Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for the Poetry Friday Round-Up.


  1. Don't you love it when kids write like that? Great stuff!

  2. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for letting us know about this program. I went over and signed up!

    Laura Evans

  3. Phillip is one remarkable poet. He "gets" it...in the 4th grade?!? Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Diane.

  4. Wow. My fourth graders haven't written anything that amazing. Come to think of it, neither has their teacher...YET! We'll keep writing and trying!