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April 2, 2010

Poetry Friday--Easter Greetings!

I've been playing with illustrated haiku known as haiga, and a photo editing site, Picnik for several months now, but I'm making no claims of improvement! This week I found a cute photo (c. 1901) on the Library of Congress website and wrote a Easter poem to go with it. I had fun adding flowers and butterflies. Looking at the result, though, it appears to be more of a greeting card than an illustrated poem, so, consider this my Easter greeting to you!

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

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Remember: moderation in everything--including chocolate bunnies and Peeps ®! Speaking of Peeps ®, come back tomorrow when I'll be celebrating the little marshmallow delights!


  1. Love it! One of my 4-year old students was trying to figure out where the Easter Bunny lives just yesterday. He's pretty sure EB lives in the clouds. He could be right.

  2. Maybe the Easter Bunny rides on the back of a magic chicken who lays the beautiful eggs as they go!

  3. Ha I love this one! I should spend some time playing with Picnik I think. I like how you did this.

  4. Who can resist: bunnies, kids, a puppy, plus a poem? Very cute!

    Laura Evans
    all things poetry

  5. What fun, Diane! That picture is adorable.

  6. Thanks everyone! Have a lovely weekend!