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April 23, 2010

Poetry Friday--Robert Frost, Rapper(?)

After hearing about it for days, my kids finally made me sit down to watch the parody of Jay-Z/Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind." What a hoot! And so much better than the original! (So there, you Yankees supporters!)

I suppose you really have to be from New Hampshire to get half of it, but, non-New Hampsters can still appreciate the Robert Frost rap found at 2:34.

"Granite State of Mind" is by the Super Secret Project, a very irreverent group that produces videos and music.

Jay-Z's song has given rise to many states' parodies. Check out YouTube and type in "[your state name or nickname] State of Mind."

What do you think Robert Frost would have thought of his poem presented rap style? Or of this interpretation?

Enough speculation for today! Take the time to visit Anastasia at Picture Book of the Day for the Poetry Friday Round-Up.


  1. I'd like to think Frost would have loved it.

    Fun, fun post this week, Diane.


  2. I had never heard Frost in song form, but it makes sense given the meter of poetry.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Laura Evans

  3. The house is too quiet to enjoy these right now, but I'll be coming back later with the volume turned up! I'm intrigued!!!