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May 5, 2010

Poetry Friday Is Nearly Here

...I want to share a great cartoon by Doug Savage that all you poets and/or children's writers should really appreciate!

Many thanks to Doug for permission to post this. Please make sure you check out his Savage Chickens site (and mark your calendar for next March when Savage Chickens: The Book will be released by Perigee Books). The site has a search feature, so type in "Poet-Bot" for more fabulous poet cartoons. (I'll forgive Doug for his haiku--Poet-Bot is obviously a product of the American education system!)

The Poetry Friday Round-Up will be held here this week. I'll put up my post tomorrow night at 10:00 in case you want to get a jump on Friday. See you then!


  1. This slayed me, and I loved checking out that chicken site...As a person with chickens, I thank you!