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August 27, 2010

Poetry Friday--Bandit Signs

Atlanta drivers, slow down, and enjoy the experience of "bandit signs."

Flux Film 001 | Morse from Proper Medium on Vimeo.

I would hesitate to call the bandit sign poems examples of haiku (if you take the definition of haiku as "the essence of a moment keenly perceived," which is where I'm coming from), but, I do appreciate that they are a public art project. A fun and accessible one at that!

The artist, John Morse, created the project in cooperation with Flux Projects, an organization that has this as its mission:
Flux Projects supports artists in creating innovative temporary public art throughout Atlanta. The organization produces new platforms for artistic experimentation that engage a broad audience in their daily lives, beyond the walls of traditional arts venues. We challenge artists to make exceptional, surprising work that inspires Atlanta and fosters an awareness of the richness and diversity of the city's creative culture.
I wish we had something like that here in New Hampshire!

I hope to see more of the signs posted somewhere online--who cares if they're not haiku? Not me, they're fun, and contain quite a bit of common sense advice!

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