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September 24, 2010

Poetry Friday--Illustrated Poehistry

For many years I've written little poems about people (mostly unknowns), places, and events in history. I've decided to call them "poehistry" (not a term that originated with me). I use old photographs for inspiration (see a post I did at The Write Sisters) two years ago on the subject).

Now that I've become comfortable with a few photo editing techniques, I've started melding the photos with the poems. Since I don't know if the term haiga fits, I'll simply call them "illustrated poehistry." Here's one:

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved. Image courtesy Library of Congress.

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  1. Another fun melding of graphics and words by Diane!

  2. Diane, this is hysterical. I love the way you gleaned a story from the photograph. Your leopard tamer is an enticing lady.

  3. Of course neither of us would compare our work with Emily Dickinson's, but I recently discovered in a book about her that she fairly frequently did something similar to what you're doing here--i.e., she'd write a poem about a flower on a piece of paper to which she taped (oops--I guess Scotch tape wasn't invented yet)--a bloom, etc. If I can ever remember the title of the book, I'll let you know.