Featuring cherita!

September 27, 2010


In the olden days, teachers used to collect toilet paper tubes to use in crafts projects. Germophobia and mysophobia have put an end to the use of t.p. rolls in schools, but, artists have found a use for these simple thin cardboard tubes as canvases.

I thought I'd share the work of one t.p. roll artist--and the use of the term "artist" rather than "crafter," is certainly not misapplied--Anastassia Elias. Check out more of her "rouleaux" creations here.

Photo by Chadou Yama


  1. I love it! WOW is not misapplied here either. How do you find this stuff!?

  2. i remember those days of crafting toilet paper rolls; your reference to 'artist' here is most apt

    much love