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November 3, 2010

On the Day After the Elections...

I read this piece by a teacher, Risha Mullin, who has faced the issue of censorship in the Kentucky high school where she taught literature.

I'm proud to say that Jo Knowles, the writer of a book that started the hubbub at the school, hails from New Hampshire--her mother is a fellow librarian!

Writers: forewarned is forearmed...tea partiers have made inroads in this election year. They are feeling empowered. I have no doubt there will be more stories like this in the coming year.


  1. interesting, thanks for sharing

    much love

  2. Now is the time for us all to remember what Martin Luther King said about having to regret not only the actions of the bad people, but the "appalling silence of the good people."

    Let's all speak up for books, libraries, librarians, and the right to read.

  3. Thanks for writing! Our right to read should never be challenged!

  4. ... if one looks back, there can be found writers that have predicted; predictions that even if they are only 10% true, we may wish to avoid. Applause to those that write as they see and exposing how they feel... opening thoughts, but not demanding agreement.

    Atlas Shrugged
    Animal Farm

  5. Yes,...opening thoughts, but not demanding agreement...being respectful of our differences...isn't that the ideal of America? and a healthy society?

  6. "Ideal" seems subject to opinion. We welcome all opinions as long as they're the same as mine. ;-)