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December 10, 2010

Poetry Friday--Newly Released

The latest issues of The Heron's Nest, Notes from the Gean, and haijinx are now available online.

At The Heron's Nest, Volume XII, Number 4: December, 2010, I have a haiku here.

I hit the jackpot with Notes from the Gean, Vol. 2, Issue 3 - December 2010, where I have haiku, tanka, and haiga! Make sure you check out the haiga, they look really AWESOME, if I do say so myself!

And, after a long delay, haijinx III:1 (December 2010) is out. The journal ceased publication in 2003 and was supposed to be back this past summer. Better a little late than never! I have two haiga in this issue. The first one is a photo of the baby woodchucks that lived, for a time, in my backyard. The other, uses a Japanese print from the Library of Congress collection.

I was commenting to a friend the other day that I think I can finally say I'm a poet! Those words still ring a false note, though--I think I'm my own worst enemy.

Here's an original tanka that kind of sums it up:

words don't match
the pictures in her head--
she contemplates
her newly published work
and wishes for a do-over

Thank you, dear reader, for indulging me today!

Jama is hosting the Poetry Friday Round-Up at Alphabet Soup. Be prepared for some mouth-watering poetry!


  1. Congratulations! (I know the feeling in your tanka, though.)

  2. Huge congratulations are in order! I love your wish for a do-over. I'm thinking you've hit a universal note with writers, and probably many others, too. Nicely done, Diane!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Ruth, it's now been almost 15 months since I decided to get a tattoo and guess what? I still haven't had it done!

  4. BIG congratulations, Diane. Of course you are a poet! Your brain just needs to catch up with reality.

  5. Congratulations, Diane, on all your publications! I'm with Laura, lovin' those feline bookends.

  6. Diane--I know how hard it it to say you're a poet. I'm glad you've finally gotten there--you deserve it!

    I can now say it occaionally, though usually I say I write poems rather than actually daring to call myself a poet.

    Congratulations on all these publications--that's fabulous. My favorites are the cat bookends--great poem and photo juxtaposition--and that girl in the uptown cafe picking out the flowers. Love that!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratulations, Diane. I am in complete agreement on your re-do poem. And yes, I do believe you're a poet!

  8. You sure look like a poet from here. I was completely unaware of haijinxs--now I'm completely in love with haijinx. I don't know if I will get anything else done today.

  9. Congratulations Diane! Your work is so lovely! I am inspired & proud of you.

  10. Thank you everyone! Your generosity is inspiring and I greatly appreciate it. You've warmed my heart on this frigid December day.

  11. Goodness! How inspiring! I loved your tanka that shared at the end. Made me smile, and although I'm not published...it sure rings familiar notes.

  12. Hi Carlie! You don't have to be published to feel "writer's regret." It's usually when you finish something and you're so pleased that it's done you send it right off, but then, a few days later, you read it through and find that perhaps you were a little hasty. It could happen with anything, an email to a friend, a letter of complaint, as well as a manuscript to a publisher. Best to let things sit a while. I still sometimes forget to let things sit. ;-)

  13. Congrats! The "bookends" in that haiga are awesome! About that tattoo...sounds like it doesn't need to happen. You have so many other ways to express yourself!!

  14. Hi Mary Lee! Thanks for giving me a way out. It's really because I'm a chickensh*t!