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January 28, 2011

Poetry Friday--Oatmeal Challenge

Stephen Dobyns begins his poem, "Oatmeal Deluxe," like this:
This morning, because the snow swirled deep
around my house, I made oatmeal for breakfast.
In the rest of the poem, the oatmeal is sculpted into a woman, and the poem ultimately deals with the subject of love, or the lack of it.

I first came upon a poem about breakfast cereal when I found Galway Kinnell's "Oatmeal." And then, not too long ago, I found a response to that poem by Martin Steingesser, also called "Oatmeal."

What is it about poets and oatmeal? Have you come across an oatmeal poem? Have you written an oatmeal poem?

I looked through my own cache of poems and found nothing on oatmeal, but, I did have a haiku that mentions another breakfast cereal:
cap'n crunch french toast
at the local cafe

That left me a challenge to write a poem about oatmeal. Could I do it? I could certainly try...
The Dishwasher's Lament

I worked hard.

My jets are exhausted
scrubbing your bowl clean.
But, really, oatmeal again?
Must you consume it every
cold and snowy day?
I expected more of you--
have you become the clichéd
porridge-eating poet? Do me a
favor, prove me wrong.

The next time the sun
splashes its rose across
fresh swirled snow, grab
your well-scrubbed bowl,
fill it with figurative
oats. Splash it with
metaphorical milk. And
please, I beg of you, use
a throw-away spoon.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

How about you? Will you write about oatmeal?

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  1. School starts in 10 minutes. Instant oatmeal today.


  2. I haven't written an oatmeal poem yet, but I think I will now! Thanks for this imaginative post and equally imaginative poem from the POV of the dishwasher, Diane.

    For anyone curious, I found the rest of Stephen Dobyns' poem at http://zerode.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/poem-stephen-dobyns-oatmeal-deluxe/

  3. Thanks, Toby, sorry I neglected to do that!

  4. I love the point of view - and this snowy day is perfect for oatmeal.

  5. Your dishwasher has made me crave oatmeal! My dishwasher is emitting a low-frequency grumble of irritation. I have no cap'n crunch, so tough luck, dishwasher!

    Fun stuff. Sticks to your metaphorical ribs and give you the figurative strength to carry on!

  6. i *do* have an oatmeal poem i wrote for my kids about six years ago, but it's stuck on an old computer and cannot be retrieved (and by old and trapped i mean to say that it's on a floppy disk). i'm going to try and dig it out now...