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February 18, 2011

Poetry Friday--"Oh, to be You, Squirrel"

It is my week to post at The Write Sisters and there I have shared a little poem I found about the weather. I tied it into this astonishing winter with its never-ending snow.

As I was writing that post, I looked out the window and saw a squirrel lightly scampering across the snow. He covered yards and yards in seconds, something that I, as a human, could never do with the ground encrusted the way it is.

I wrote this in response to the squirrel and the poem at The Write Sisters:

Oh, to be You, Squirrel

Oh, to be you, squirrel this
winter when walking
in crusted snow tears at
boots making ambulation
treacherous for us busy,
bumbling, biggety humans.

Oh, to be you, squirrel to
flit across the white. Leap!
Scoot up tree trunks to
chuckle your rodent laugh
not knowing that tomorrow
you will not remember today.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

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Photo by Douglas Brown


  1. If there was ever a winter I felt like a "bumbling, biggety human!"

    Well put! :)

  2. ". . . not knowing that tomorrow you will not remember today."

    There are days I'd like to get me some of that.

    Nicely done!

  3. Fun and wonderful poem, Diane, and I enjoyed seeing your name in Frogpond as I read from it this morning.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Ladies!

    Robyn, my copy of Frogpond came this afternoon. I look forward to spending a little time with it later.

  5. This poem made me smile...as did that photograph!