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August 19, 2011

Poetry Friday--"Please Call"

Several weeks ago I looked at the website objets perdus and suggested several poetry prompts. This week I'm pondering animaux perdus.

There has been an abundance of "lost pet" signs around lately. I don't know if the pets have all had it and have walked out on a relationship that wasn't working for them, or, if they simply were out for a little joy run. I hope it is the latter and the pets have been reunited with their families.

There has been a lost dog sign on a telephone pole in front of my house for more than a month. When I pass it, I wonder about the dog named Licorice. It has inspired me to write a haibun, a combination of prose and haiku:
Please Call

The lost dog sign is fading. One, two, three weeks gone by. Is he still lost? Has he been reunited with his loving family? Why aren't these signs ever taken down?

the boy at the bus stop
dares not speak

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  1. quite an interesting haibun, i enjoyed the issue of the questions and the sign, a nice unusual pet poem twist

    my new book Pink Crush carries a lookback pet relationship poem titled 'Two Pals Wait' on page 19

    Have a happy Friday

    much love...

  2. when i lived in CA author spaulding gray commented that my home town was one of the few where people posted "kitty found" signs. ever since i've noticed that you can learn a lot abut a community by how well it looks out for itself (or doesn't) based on the things it posts in the neighborhood.

    indeed, why don't people ever take down these signs? perhaps they remain, and fade, like their hopes?

  3. Oh wow, this is the first that I've heard of "haibun" - sounds like my kind of thing! Haha. Love the poetry. But felt sad for the doggie =(

  4. Your haibun was about to bum out my weekend. I had to find out what happened to Licorice and Ben. It's all good. Licorice is home!

  5. So glad Licorice is home! Phew. Interesting idea for a haibun. :)

  6. Hi, Diane. I love (sad as they are) these pet notices. Follow the link to one I used as a found poem, many PFs ago! http://authoramok.blogspot.com/2009/08/found-poetry-friday.html

  7. OMG, Andy--I never would have thought to do a Google search on Licorice! The news is awesome and so are you! You made my day. I'm sure the Canobie fireworks didn't help matters any for poor Licorice. Firecrackers are bad enough, but the amusement park fireworks show is REALLY loud!

    David, I like your comment on communities!

  8. Great picture! Camera+? Hipstamatic? Or???

  9. I was feeling really sad for Licorice and the boy. I'm so glad he's home, so glad Andy thought to look for the news. Your haibun captures that still sadness. Now you must write one for the homecoming.

  10. Laura, what a great found poem! no teeth--poor kitty!

    The photo, taken with my little pink camera, was manipulated on picnik.com, Mary Lee.

    Come back on Tuesday, Doraine, I'll have a homecoming haiku for Haiku Sticky.

  11. I too often wonder about lost pets when you see faded signs still up. I've seen many of them this summer as well. Glad that Licorice is home! And, Licorice is such a cute name for a dog. :)