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September 2, 2011

Poetry Friday--"The Benefits of Ignorance"

This poem by Hal Sirowitz is my kind of poem--short and smaht (as they say here in the Boston area).
The Benefits of Ignorance

If ignorance is bliss, Father said,
shouldn't you be looking blissful?
You should check to see if you have
the right kind of ignorance. If you're
not getting the benefits that most people
get from acting stupid, then you should
go back to what you always were—
being too smart for your own good.
You can read another of Sirowitz's poems, "Misery Loves Company" at The Writer's Almanac.

From the video below, you can tell immediately that Hal Sirowitz is not from the Boston area!

Tricia, at the Miss Rumphius Effect, is hosting the Poetry Friday Round-Up this week.

Have a relaxing long weekend everyone!


  1. He could read his poetry as stand up comedy. Funny guy!

  2. Funny! As Barbara said, a poet AND a stand up comic - double threat!

  3. nice twist on an old adage :)

    much love...

  4. I can relate to Hal's mother. Does that make me pathetic?

  5. Thank you for an early morning laugh! Both the poems and his deadpan performance -- FABULOUS! I'm thinking of writing some "Mother said" and "Father said" poems!!