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September 16, 2011

Poetry Friday--David Ignatow

We've been a car-centric society for 60 years now, and that idea is made perfectly clear by this bit of fun by David Ignatow:
That's the Sum of It

I don’t know which to mourn. Both have died on me, my wife and
my car. I feel strongly about my car, but I am also affected by my
wife. Without my car, I can’t leave the house to keep myself from
being alone. My wife gave me two children, both of whom, of course,
no longer live with us, as was to be expected, as we in our youth left
our parents behind. With my car, I could visit my children, when they
are not too busy.

Before she died, my wife urged me to find another woman. It’s advice
I’d like to take up but not without a car. Without a car, I cannot find
myself another woman. That’s the sum of it.
I like to hear a poet recite his work, it adds another dimension to the poem. Here's Ignatow reading "I Killed a Fly."

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  1. Ahh - an offering that leaves the reader a little off-balance, eh? Loved the recording, too - thanks for sharing! Safe driving this week...

  2. This poem has made me think. Here in Singapore, where the public transport system is highly efficient, it makes one wonder whether the place is as car-dependent or car-centric as you put it compared to say the US. Very interesting take. Thanks for sharing the video clip as well.

  3. I will take good care of my car so this doesn't happen to my Mark! (May he miss only me!) Thank you for the giggle. A.

    (word verification = delited...what does this mean?)

  4. Amy, at least "delited" sort of looks like a legitimate word.

  5. Ironic.

    I always think twice before killing insects -- who am I to decide this is the last moment of their life? -- but now I'll think AGAIN and remember the fly poem!