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October 7, 2011

Poetry Friday--"The Matrix"

"The Matrix," by Amy Lowell, has a fantastic opening. The first four lines concisely describe the way work divides up our time, yet, are these bits of our life the "matrix" upon which a richer life is built?
The Matrix

Goaded and harassed in the factory
    That tears our life up into bits of days
    Ticked off upon a clock which never stays,
Shredding our portion of Eternity,
We break away at last, and steal the key
    Which hides a world empty of hours; ways
    Of space unroll, and Heaven overlays
The leafy, sun-lit earth of Fantasy.
    Beyond the ilex shadow glares the sun,
    Scorching against the blue flame of the sky.
Brown lily-pads lie heavy and supine
    Within a granite basin, under one
    The bronze-gold glimmer of a carp; and I
Reach out my hand and pluck a nectarine.
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  1. Perfect poem for me today! Thanks for posting.

  2. Yes. Those first four lines are what my life feels like right now. Hence my poem about focusing on the details. I LOVE how some of the poems this week are "talking" to each other!

  3. Yes, I've noticed a lot of synchronicity on Poetry Fridays.