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May 8, 2012

Haiku Sticky #148

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Help! How does one get rid of poison ivy without the application of poisons? Any ideas?


  1. The only way that I know of is with poison but you have to apply the poison when the leaves first come out or it doesn't work. And you have to re-poison it several years in a row to kill it all. It's very insidious.

  2. That's kind of what I was afraid of. Thanks, Katya.

  3. Would pouring boiling water on it work?

  4. Boiling water will potentially release the urushiol in vaporized form, which means it would not only get on the skin but in the eyes, mouth, throat, etc.

    The best way to get rid of it, unfortunately, is to find someone who isn't allergic and get them to pull it.

    I, however, am married to someone who isn't allergic, and gave birth to several more such blessed persons - and I gave up and started using Round-up Brushkiller on it a few years ago. And I don't use poison on ANYTHING else . . .

  5. Thanks everyone. I have a very long handled clipper that I will probably use to keep my distance as I clip it away. Pray that none of the ivy juice gets on me.