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April 8, 2013

NPM Ekphrastic Poem #2

I don't usually write rhyming poems, and for good reason, I don't do it well, and I don't, except in a children's book, like reading it. That's because of all the bad rhyme that gets published--sing-songy and boring--the direction this poem is heading. Come back next week for a rhyme-free #3. ;-)

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved. "Zoological Garden I" by August Macke, courtesy The Athenaeum. Click here to see the painting enlarged and to see the parrot's top hat, which probably isn't a top hat.


  1. Hi, Diane--I think you're being a little too hard on yourself. I think this poem does a nice job of capturing the surprise that some children might feel on seeing official art that lookd different than what they thought art would be.

    Thanks for stopping by with words for the 30d30w poem...

  2. Thanks, Heidi, but I really wasn't fishing! I'm glad, however, that you think I did a good job of capturing the surprise. The painting surprised me! I stumbled upon August Macke's work, and what I've seen of it, I love! I used another of his paintings in my quotes blog last week. Click here to see it.

  3. I think my students would really, really like this. I know I do. You are too hard on yourself, Diane.

  4. One of my favorites of yours so far.

  5. Thanks, Charles, I value your opinion!