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July 19, 2013

Poetry Friday--A Pinteresting Idea?

Many of you are no stranger to the wonders (and timesuckingness) of Pinterest. Last weekend I had the idea that I would start a Pinterest account for Poetry Friday fans (this was after Laura Shovan asked for a link to a Poetry Friday article). I thought Pinterest would be a good place to collect links for everything Poetry Friday, and poetry in general.

I was simply going to call the main board, Poetry Friday, but my brain slipped and typed Poetry Priday. Aha! My subconscious was directing me to an even better name--Poetry Pride-day!

Here's my plan: I've set up a number of boards already, Poetry Miscellanea and Poetry Friday Bloggers being the main ones. Please "follow" the boards. [Note: it is easier to simply click the "follow all" button.] If you'd like to pin, too, send your Pinterest name to poetryfridayATcomcastDOTnet. I will then invite you, and the invitation will appear on your "home feed." Once you accept my invitation, you're free to start pinning.

If you decide to be a pinner, the only thing I ask is that you check to make sure the pin doesn't already appear on that particular board (it may appear on a second board if appropriate). One of my biggest Pinterest pet peeves is duplicate pins, often three or more, that appear on a single board! If any one board gets too large, then I'll start a new board and reassign pins (for instance, I might move organizations and festivals onto a separate board, or I might start another board strictly for poetry quotes).

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, I want you to know that you can view the boards without joining, so you needn't feel left out of the Poetry Pride-day festivity! I'd encourage you to join, but I can understand if you don't want more distractions in your life! However, if there's something that you'd like to see pinned to a board, send me the link (poetryfridayATcomcastDOTnet) and I'll see that it gets on a board. (Special thanks to Tabatha Yeatts who has already offered me suggestions of possible pins.)

To build the Poetry Friday Bloggers board I went through the list of Round-Up hosting sites for 2013 and pinned them. If I've missed your blog, if you're a regular Poetry Friday poster, but have never hosted a Round-Up, or, if you've hosted in the past, but are not in 2013, send me a link.

This idea may fall flat, but, with your help we can develop an active Pinterest community. We may attract non-KidLit poetry fans, teachers, and who knows who else! All in the service of POETRY! If you have an idea for a board, perhaps a Haiku, Poetry for Teachers, or some other useful board, let me know.

So think it over, and in the meantime, head over to today's Round-Up, hosted by Jone, at Check It Out!


  1. Have you set up your school Pinterest boards yet? I'm available to assist at any time!

  2. Not yet. I have my own Pinterest boards, but I really should set up a Pinterest account exclusively for Hogarth. I'll gladly accept your assistance. I haven't spent enough time on Pinterest to figure out exactly what I could do with it professionally. My personal boards are an unorganized mess.

  3. I'm new to Pinterest but I figured out how to follow you. I love this idea, Diane!!Thank you for thinking of it!

  4. Diane, you did a completely fantastic job!!!! Really, so much good stuff. (I had to laugh that the pic that goes with my blog is Judith! Serves me right for not making a shot of myself more readily available.)

  5. Oh, sometimes you don't get much of a choice of the images that Pinterest will let you pin. I'll go back in and find another! ;-)

  6. You convinced me to join... now I have somebody to blame if it sucks up too much of my time. ;) Seriously though, great idea! Thanks for taking the ball and running with it.

  7. Self-control, Michelle, self-control.

  8. I had been studiously avoiding, but now I have a good excuse to take a look. Just a look!

  9. I hope you enjoy your first look. It grows on you...