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June 1, 2014

Happy Haiga Day!

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Thank goodness for digital cameras. My memory is no match. However, a Google search using "red spring wildflowers," did quickly bring up Eastern red columbine. If I had to describe the flower, without using color, I have no clue how I would describe it. A floral version of a crown roast?

I spotted the flowers on a walk in Brookline, NH, at the Andres Institute of Art. I have many photos of the sculptures, which will surely find their way into future Happy Haiga Days.

The Andres Institute is a hidden gem, and, a great hike, providing you remember to bring bug repellant!


  1. Intriguing. I have driven by that sign dozens, maybe hundreds of times, and never realized it was open to the public . . . or that it was outside. Will put it on the list!

  2. Definitely! It's a great hike up a hill and filled with surprises.