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December 26, 2014

Poetry Friday--"What Is It About a Cat"

Christmas is over. Hopefully the bits and pieces of paper and ribbon and tape have all been thrown out. Sometimes, though, the remnants of Christmas are found days later, in rather unusual places.

What Is It About A Cat

And Christmas ribbon?
She pounces upon it
like it is a living being
ripe for tormenting.

She chases it across
floors, under tables,
and paws it into dark
recesses. There, the

battered, hapless ribbon
is slobbered into pliability.
The cat, smugly victorious,
swallows. One, long,

spaghetti slurp--gone!
And then...the ribbon
fortuitously reappears at
the tail-end of Christmas.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

A mighty long build-up to a pun! If you live with cats, you will recognize the scenario. Every wrapped present be-ribboned with curling ribbon, has to be secured within a bag so that no cat is tempted. The taunting curls are more than a cat can stand and the lead-up to gift-giving is an ongoing fight between human, cat, and ribbon. I wrote the poem back in 2010--the battle continues...

I'm an easily distracted person, so, sometimes I can find myself lost for hours on Pinterest. I came across a board that is devoted to curling ribbon. I kid you not! If you're interested, click here.

Have a great New Year's holiday! Next week I'll have my annual haiku postcard (Nengajo) post. My 2015 postcard is a little funky.

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  1. I do have cats and the Christmas tree and gifts are so enticing. We had to put the poinsettias outside for fear of poisoning. Love your punny poem. Happy Holidays.

  2. Ha! What a punchline, indeed! Your kitty looks like my sweet Jennyanydots (RIP).

    1. That's my Smudgie. She's about 19 and still looks like a kitten.

  3. Diane, your poem is quite a telling tale. Although I have not had a cat since I was four, I can envision the mischief that one gets into. Being a curling ribbon enthusiast, I enjoyed visiting the curling ribbon site on Pinterest. Thank you for your offering to the Finding Fall Gallery and hope that you can join me in my next venture.

    1. Thank for including my haiga. I look forward to hearing about your next project.

  4. Ha! I LOVE it! I keep finding Christmas bows in my cat's food dish, and even as I type, she's batting around SOMETHING - no doubt she found it among the Christmas detritus! ;-) Thanks for celebrating the cat!