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April 3, 2015

Poetry Friday--The E. B.'s Coming!

I'm not religious. I grew up in a go-to-church-on-Sunday family. Of course we celebrated Easter, but more as an excuse for chocolate and marshmallow candy! I continue to enjoy the candy, and the secular symbols of Easter, especially the Easter Bunny! On occasion I'll even write an Easter poem.

Here are Easter haiku from the past (some have been posted before):

Easter morning
NPR tell us which wine
to drink with ham

Cap'n Crunch french toast
at the local cafe

at the cafe...
ham and eggs with
the Easter Bunny

day after Easter
jelly beans in flavors
no one likes

This next is a poem I don't even remember writing!


I found you, Ladybug,
floating dead in the dishwater
your elytra spread open,
your wings water-laden.
It pained me to fish
you out and throw
your remains in the trash.
You were the little
ladybug who had survived
the winter and surprised
me with thoughts of spring
days before anything green.

And to finish up, here's an illustrated poem I posted back in April 2010:

I promise an Easter haiga for Sunday, so please come back. And bring a marshmallow chick or two to share!

There will probably be many more Easter poems this Poetry Friday, so I recommend visiting The Poem Farm where Amy is rounding up the poetry treats!

Cafe photo, poems, and haiga © Diane Mayr, all rights reserved. Puck illustration by L.M. Glackens (1903) and stereograph card by B.L. Linglay, courtesy Library of Congress.


  1. Love your chocolate egg Easter breakfast, Diane! For the first time in 20 years, I am not doing Easter baskets for the kids this year. They are all grown up and everyone on health kicks of one kind or another... I did buy a bag of those robin's eggs. Yum! Happy Poetry Friday ...looking forward to your haiga! xo

    1. Enjoy your robin's eggs! I don't do baskets anymore either. I do, on occasion, purchase a personal package of peeps!

  2. Oh gosh...these al really made me smile today. And hungry too - I am now especially happy that we are going to the big ol' traditional Broadway Market in Buffalo later this afternoon. I mourn your ladybug and oh, how I love those children wondering about which bunny will drive the sled. That is the best! Thank you! Happy Poetry Friday! xo, a.

    1. Being that it's Buffalo, I imagine you can find a lot of Polish treats? Yummy babka. Fresh kielbasa. Happy Easter!

  3. I enjoyed every one, Diane, but the 'leftover jellybeans' gave me a huge chuckle-so true! I hope you have some chocolate bunnies come into your life this weekend!

    1. Best would be a marshmallow bunny covered in thick dark chocolate!

  4. Yum and fun -- hooray for the E.B.! Captain Crunch French Toast? Where have I been? That rabbits photo makes me want to hug myself. LOVE them.

    Happy Easter -- hope you eat lots of chocolate eggs for breakfast! I do not like black jelly beans.

    1. I'm not a big jelly bean fan, but, Jelly Belly makes a pink grapefruit jelly bean that isn't bad!

  5. I'll eat Jama's black jelly beans and leave all the grapefruit ones (YUCK!) for you, Diane.

    Your collection of poems runs the gamut! I'm especially sad for that ladybug. We harbor insects in the houseplants through the winter. That would be a terribly sad ending for one who gave so many moments of surprise and delight...

    1. It happens every year, I'm afraid. One ladybug manages to hide out during the winter only to succumb to--old age? exhaustion?--in the kitchen in the spring.