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July 19, 2015

Happy Haiga Day!

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved. "Girl at the Duck Pond" by Paula Modersohn-Becker, courtesy The Athenaeum.

You've probably been feeding the ducks stale white bread, too. Don't do it anymore, there is no nutritional value to it. Better to try one of these options: frozen peas or corn, uncooked oatmeal, rice (raw or cooked), birdseed, salad greens, vegetable scraps, or earthworms (a messier choice requiring digging). I feel like the girl in the painting--really bad that it's taken me so long to find out about better treat options for ducks.


  1. Wow an amazing haiga! the emotions are resonated so well in this image; have a lovely Sunday, thanks for linking up at my Sunday Lime

    much love...

    1. The painting is so simple, yet also filled with emotion. I'm glad you like it.