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December 13, 2015

Happy Haiga Day!

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  1. Our winter returned yesterday with fresh snow, but it was very warm all last week. I think I still have a few plants getting mixed up! Love the 'winter delayed', Diane.

  2. It is truly odd to see such green grass at this time of year in NH! I am so afraid we're going to be hammered!

    1. Warm wishes Diane, thanks.for linking to my Sunday Lime today

      Much love...

  3. Hi, Diane. I'm over from Mary Lee's Poetrepository pages. So cool; I found a moth on the kitchen counter just today!

    I really enjoyed the surprise of that moth after the "fresh appearance." Thanks!

  4. It's so strange to me, to read all of these warm weather poems from my friends in Ohio and the East Coast. Usually by this time, people in those areas are gloating over snow days, while those of us in Colorado are singing the warm weather blues. It's snowing here today, not enough for a snow day, but enough to make getting to school not a lot of fun. Not sure I'd be excited about the return of moths!

  5. I saw pansies in full, happy bloom last week. It's in the 40's today here on the coast and the grass is greening up again. Moths were on my screens a couple of days ago, too. Maybe it will be a white Easter??

  6. I'm in with a DANDELION sighting in Ohio!!