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April 15, 2016

Poetry Friday--Spring! At Last!

Spring has returned.
The Earth is like a child that knows poems.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~

Great quote, isn't it?

It's been an eventful week, I had one of those "screening tests" people over a certain age are required to get. I also gave up on the idea of completing the physical sketchbook to go with my angel Sketchbook Project poems. However, although I didn't get the book mailed, and consequently it won't be digitized, I decided to assemble the poems and some quotes into a slideshow. I'll have it next week for Poetry Friday.

The one saving grace for this week? It's finally Spring!

So for today, a small collection of spring poems, some original, some by others. Let's start with Emily Dickinson:
A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown--
Who ponders this tremendous scene--
This whole Experiment of Green--
As if it were his own!

This next one is from my short list of favorite haiga created by me:

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

Here's a poem of celebration by Elizabeth Coatsworth:
The Frogs' Wedding

Happy is the bride in the green, green pond.
And happy is the groom as he swims beside his bride.
She carries a bouquet
In the prettiest sort of way,
And he smiles and stares about him
In his pride pride pride.

The fishes, oh, the fishes,
They all bring their kindest wishes,
And the little minnows flicker
And they snicker as they come.
But sad and alone,
Squatted down upon a stone
Sits the disappointed lover,
Looking glum glum glum.

Since the following is only 14 words, it's pretty safe to guess that I wrote it for a "15 Words or Less" challenge:
Spring Circus

Pink petaled ringmaster
she announces the
spectacle of trapezing
squirrels and robins
juggling worms.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

We've had quite a bit of rain already this spring, but, this little rain poem by Harry Behn, I'd welcome any day!

Harry Behn also did the illustration.

A haiku:
spring's first thunder...
the tightness in my jaw
as we talk

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

Michelle is gathering up the poetry links today at Today's Little Ditty. Please stop by!


  1. A welcome and wonderful celebration of spring, Diane! (So I take it that late season snow melted?) First the warm greeting with that loverly Rilke quote, followed by the pretty parade of poetry! I wonder if you recall that I printed that wood thrush haiga some time ago... it still greets me everyday on my bulletin board. :) And my favorite new-to-me surprise today? "The Frogs' Wedding"

    1. "The Frogs' Wedding" has a nice ringing sound:
      "The fishes, oh, the fishes,
      They all bring their kindest wishes."

      I'm glad you still like the thrush haiga--so do I!

  2. Some perfect poems you've showcased here, Diane - I think I like that last haiku best! So thought-provoking and tightly-packed. Yes, we've had a lot of rain lately...but I'll take that over 4 inches of snow like last week!

    1. That snow was such a surprise! By noon, most of it had melted (at least down here in the south).

  3. I loved your collection of spring poems, Diane. It was a perfect way to begin the first morning of spring break. The Frogs' Wedding is a delight! Elizabeth Coatsworth's Maine farm was right down the road from my old house. I used to walk by it every day--especially at this time of year! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Our thrushes would sing if we had them, Diane, but the robins are here and celebrated all the week. Each poem, and the Rilke quote brings the joy, but unfortunately we have a big storm coming this afternoon and all the weekend, rain and snow! April the cruelest month, yes! I love the thrush, and the frog's wedding, delight in different ways.

    1. I hope your storm is tolerable. I had a dream last night that we were hit by a major snowstorm!

  5. What a beautiful Spring celebration. The wood thrush poem is one of my absolute favorites of yours! Such a delight to read the Frogs' Wedding and Spring Rain (both new to me). I like how your last haiku packs a little unexpected punch.

    1. Thanks, Jama! Those frogs sure seem popular!

  6. I enjoyed this spring-themed post, Diane. The wood thrush poem is so lovely and beautifully presented. The Emily Dickinson poem made me laugh. Great fun—thank you.

    1. Yes, Emily did have a sense of humor. It's too often overlooked.

  7. I love reading your haiku, Diane. The wood thrush poem and the image blend perfectly. I need to learn how to put text onto an image. I admire yours so much!

    1. Linda, it is really easy with PicMonkey.com. PicMonkey basic is free and will allow you to do many, many things with your images. Give it a try, and if you need help, there are lots of videos that can point you in the right direction. Here's one on adding text: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGqhfVnm7dg.

  8. I enjoyed reading all of the spring poems you shared. It feels good to think about all things spring. Yay Spring!

    1. I can't tell you how happy the arrival of spring has made me!

  9. Thanks for the raucous bloom of spring poems!

    1. I am so pleased to welcome spring. It wasn't a bad winter, but, I'm so glad it's over!

  10. Diane, as usual you have a poetrylicious array of poems, quotes, and even your wonderful and decorative sketch to delight a poetry lover's soul. I am capturing your Rilke quote for my next gallery compliments of you and would love to have your wood thrush's poem grace the gallery and any other poems that you would like to offer.