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December 8, 2016

Week 1--Haiku-a-Day in December

Mary Lee Hahn began a month of haiku, in part, to help heal after the results of the presidential election #haikuforhealing. I have taken up her challenge to write a haiku a day during December--so far, so good. I will share a week's worth today, and for the next three Thursdays. (Note: three, and arguably four, are senryu, rather than haiku. Senryu follow the same form as a haiku, but the subject is human nature. Pick out this week's senryu--did you count three or four?)
December 1:

December 1
temperature plummets...
still...the mid-day sun

December 2:

Singapore noodles:
a safe way of feeling

December 3:

leaves now gone
cat sleeps...

The illustrated version, which I also posted this past Sunday:

December 4:

blame the PEOTUS!
the pace at which I eat
salted peanuts

December 5:

giving tree
--the weight of the wishes
on each branch

December 6:

oooo of the wind
always in the background
she knits

December 7:

public library
user requests faux news rag
"your papers too lefty"

December 8:

top of the dead pine
a squirrel's nest

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


  1. This final one seems ominous. Is that really true about the news requests? I like 'the giving tree' very much, Diane!

    1. Yes, I did get a request from an older man who told me we had lefty papers.

  2. I've been looking forward to your first weekly roundup, Diane! My favorites of these are Dec 2, 3 (awwww!) and 5. Hopefully I can learn by osmosis! It's been fun immersing myself for a few minutes each morning and evening trying to come up with haiku to post daily. For every 5 attempts, I might get one that I'm relatively happy with.

    1. You're doing great, Michelle. I've posted many a haiku sticky with a decidedly inferior haiku only because I needed a haiku in a hurry! The important thing is to recognize that what I've posted isn't up to snuff.

  3. Oh, the weight of our wishes on each haiku. I love being a part of this creative community. Write on!

  4. Love the giving tree haiku. I wasn't paying attention to the challenge, but it may help me, as well. Great idea and right up your alley!

  5. Warm cats, hot noodles . . . I'm feeling better already. xoxo