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April 10, 2017

Ekphrastic Mondays, 2017--#2

Last week's poem was inspired by a painting that showed none of the details of Nicolas Tarkhoff's works that originally attracted me to him--cats, his family, and the delightful feeling of being at home. Today's picture displays all of it!

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved. "Madame Tarkhoff, Her Daughter, Pumpkin and Two Cats" by Nicolas Trakhoff, courtesy The Athenaeum.


My Studio

Maybe it isn't recommended
that one make art at home,
but, what more is needed
than the ever-present chaos
of wife and child, cat, kitten,
beetroot, mangelwurzel,
and pumpkin to inspire?

Color, texture, line, shape,
form, value, and space.
Is it not all here? These
elements, long taught in
academies, are here--
here, where I breathe them.
Where I eat and sleep them.

With the addition of love,
how can I not make art?

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  1. Indeed! How can you not make art?! Thank you, Diane!

  2. 'here where I breathe them' That's a beautiful line. - Jet