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February 20, 2018

Oh, No! What Happened to the Haiku Sticky?

Well, I got tied up, so I'll have to skip a week. However, I'll post a little satirical piece that I wrote in response to the Viking statue below.

Photo courtesy Scott Rhoades.

30-Second Commercial on Norwegian TV at 3:00 AM

Alve Gokstad here!

Ladies! You've heard the claims--

A certain VIP (Very Impotent Person)
is offering you the opportunity to
emigrate to the Land of the Free.

I'm here to tell you nothing
is free in the Land of the Free
if someone can make a buck.

As for the Home of the Brave--
it's smoke and mirrors with
a sad-looking nuclear football.

No smoke here in Norway!
Real fire! No deflated balls--
broadswords & hard shields!

So, let Norway light your fire!
Remember: Vi elsker deg! *
Norway--no horny in our horns!

* We love you!

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

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