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March 25, 2018

Happy Haiga Day!

I hope you marched yesterday to end gun violence, or if you didn't, I hope you at least got to hear some of the speeches of the high school students who undertook the goal of changing the culture of the gun in America. We are not a people that puts ownership of instruments of death above lives. We're not. It is imperative that we vote in November to rid our congress of those who think NRA money is worth selling out Americans, and, their own souls. Still, at the march I attended in Portsmouth, NH, the old dog that walked up to everyone and accepted hugs joyfully, spoke to me the loudest.

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March 24th march

so many signs
so many demands

look to the dogs
in the crowd to carry
the one true message


  1. Yup , luv this a lot

    Have a blessed week Diane

    Much love...

  2. Beautiful, Diane! My editor's eye (I was an editorial page assistant editor once) tell me this is an image I would have grabbed for the front page. (The other folks like in Charlottes, don't bring adorable hugging dogs to their hateful events). And my heart tells me it's a squeeze I need. I listened to the empowering 11-year-old from Maryland who captured my heart & as many of the others as I could on the news. We were away this weekend tending to our beloved Elders who are gamely living on their own, on the other side of the state, at age 96 & 86, so I missed attending this march. Thank you so much for this post.