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March 30, 2018

Poetry Friday--Child Verse: Poems Grave & Gay

I think, perhaps, spring will be sticking around from this point on. The earlier part of March was a horror show with its multiple nor'easters, but the past few days have seen a bit of sunshine and warmth. To celebrate the change in the weather, Easter, and the start of National Poetry Month, I'm resurrecting some little ditties from Child Verse: Poems Grave & Gay by John B. Tabb, first published in 1899.

Many of the poems were published in the children's magazines that flourished at the time, titles such as St. Nicholas and the Youth's Companion. The poems could easily be enjoyed by today's children. I'm particularly fond of the punning!

Here are a few that I hope will brighten your day:


A LITTLE yellow Bird above,
A little yellow Flower below;
The little Bird can sing the love
That Bird and Blossom know;
The Blossom has no song nor wing,
But breathes the love he cannot sing.


DO you remember, little cloud,
This morning when you lay—
A mist along the river—what
The waters had to say?

And how the many-coloured flowers
That on the margin grew,
All promised when the day was done
To leave their tints to you?


BICYCLES! Tricycles! Nay, to shun laughter,
Try cycles first, and buy cycles after;
For surely the buyer deserves but the worst
Who would buy cycles, failing to try cycles first.


'TWIXT Handkerchief and Nose
A difference arose;
And a tradition goes
That they settled it by blows.


SAID a Snake to a Frog with a wrinkled skin,
"As I notice, dear, that your dress is thin,
And a rain is coming, I'll take you in."


WHEN Georgie would not go to bed,
If some one asked him why,
"What is the use?" he gravely said,
"You know I cannot lie."

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  1. Ha! and Ha again! and again! What fun. But there aren't many of my 2nd graders who would get those punny ones, I think. So much they don't know of our 1900 daily culture.

    1. They might get the gist of "Hospitality," but the title would be lost on them.

  2. These are fun Diane, the Illustration reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses" which I have a older copy and newer copy of, thanks!

  3. How clever is that buy/tri cycles! Such fun, the lot of them.

  4. What fun! These brought multiple chuckles.