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April 1, 2018

Ekphrastic April, Day 1: "Easter"

If you're looking for Happy Haiga Day!, it's on hiatus for the month of April. April is National Poetry Month and I'm celebrating by daily posting a work of art by a woman along with a cherita inspired by that particular work. The cherita may describe the scene, the artist, the style or medium, or simply be a thought/feeling that was engendered by viewing the work.

I'll be celebrating Easter, today, with the work of Swedish artist, Jenny Nyström [1854-1946] who made a name for herself during the heyday of illustrated postcards.

"Easter" by Jenny Nyström.

next to the leftover ham

an opened package
of marshmallow Peeps

we refrigerate
them now in this age
of germaphobia

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


  1. A whole month of cherita! YAY! I will read and learn...and enjoy your wry humor.

  2. Love that connection of marshmallow peeps, Diane. Since we are fans, I will remember those chicks when the peeps are in house! Happy April!

    1. Peeps are a fav, but with a Peep now available for every holiday, they've lost some of their allure.

  3. Ha ha, "germaphobic" great, looking forward to more!

    1. I know too many germaphobes these days! Always wiping things down with disinfectant. It's downright scary! The phobes, not the germs.

  4. Good morning, fellow Ekphrastic. This cherita form is working well for you. I worried about committing to a form. Ham and Peeps tell the story of Easter baskets and leftovers.

    1. I love cherita. They are short, do not require counting anything other than lines, and allow me to tell a story. Hardly more than a form that reminds one to "keep it concise."

  5. Last line packs a punch!!!

    much love...

  6. Very nice, and a fine idea! You could post them also on Cherita Poets on Site if you want. I made a prompt that will link to your blog!

    when I was twelve

    I decided to have
    thirty three children

    and named them one by one
    I didn't know about Fool's Day
    or the unbridled optimism of youth

    ~Kath Abela Wilson
    (April 1 Ekphrastic #1)

    1. Nice response, Kath! I love the exactness of "thirty-three."

      I will start posting from day 3 onward. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Refrigerated peeps! Who knew! xo