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April 3, 2018

Ekphrastic April, Day 3: "Young Woman With a Blue Fan"

Vera Rockline's early work was heavily influenced by the cubist school, she later took up a style all her own. Sadly, Vera passed away at age 38.

"Young Woman With a Blue Fan" (1919) by Vera Rockline [1896-1934].

Vera paints...

cubists' influence
on this young artist

still, she feels the pull
toward lightness--her edges
will be sanded smooth

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


  1. What an interesting life she had! How did you find her?

    1. I went to The Athenaeum's list of female artists, picked a letter, skimmed through the copyright notations looking for the PD designation. I clicked on names that were in the public domain and quickly viewed the art. If something appealed to me, I saved the link to go back to. From there, I either wrote a cherita, or looked for the artist on Wikipedia and then wrote the poem. Sometimes I did a little research (for example, witchballs, 4/12), but mostly I wrote from imagination. I came across quite a number of interesting lives, and maybe some day I'll go back to read more.

  2. I too read about her. This almost seems a self-portrait. I like your final lines, Diane, 'edges sanded smooth'.

  3. Hauntingly beautiful image Diane, Like the edginess in your poem it goes well with the painting!