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April 7, 2018

Ekphrastic April, Day 7: "Abstract Study"

Today's cherita is a throw-back to the mid-2000s when I was marching in peace rallies (or Iraq War protests). Ringing the Boston Common were police, with helmets and billy clubs (also known as batons--tools of compliance). Overhead flew helicopters. It was an effin' peace rally! Today's painting by Mainie Jellett, "Abstract Study," called to mind those billy clubs at the ready. Thank goodness last month's March for Our Lives was a bit less intimidating!

"Abstract Study" (1922) by Mainie Jellett [1897-1944].

on the common

protesters sing,
carry signs

heavily armed police
ready to protect against
messages of peace

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


  1. Drawing on history for their defense of carrying those "tools of compliance" I guess. The final two lines are alarming and sad all at once.

  2. "Heavily armed...messages of peace" highlights the irony of the heavy guards. This is what I am afraid of for our schools these days. I don't want my students to walk between armed guards to go to school. Really? Is that what we are coming to?