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July 3, 2018

Haiku Sticky #460

A petit poème for today. If, after reading it, you need something a little more hopeful, scroll down the left-hand side of the page until you come to John Lewis's words. He is someone to admire. Lewis went through hell in the civil rights struggle, and, Congress, in 2018, is yet another form of hell he must endure. Still, he remains hopeful.

Yesterday I got an email from Barack Obama's Organizing for Action group. In it, President Obama says, "I believe now more than ever: Cynicism is a choice. And hope is a better choice."

It's really hard not to fall prey to cynicism and despair.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


Does despair
have a scent
a taste a sound
a feel a color?
Or is it the
loss of all senses
--of all sense?
We may soon find out.


  1. Good morning, Diane, Such a powerful and thought-provoking question your poem asks. The wheels in my brain are busy thinking of scents, tastes, feelings, and color that, for me, describe despair. Maybe the scent of despair is the lingering smell on the sweater my father wore which now, after he has passed away, reminds me of the man I can no longer hug or share my days with. The taste of despair would be the flavorless meal prepared without salt and spices. The feel of despair is being near someone who no longer loves me. My color of despair is beige - only because I spent a childhood wearing that color because my mother felt it best to blend in and not bring attention to myself.
    Beige has since been banned from my wardrobe and replaced with the life-affirming colors of spring.

    1. Thanks, Leslie for such a thoughtful response! I never wear beige, although I often wear black.