Featuring cherita!

March 3, 2019

Happy Haiga Day!

My friend Janet Buell and I were partners in the 40th Spark challenge, which wrapped up on Friday. Janet took on the artist role, while I was the writer. You can see the inspiration piece Janet sent to me, "Ravens in Snow," and my response to it, here. The poem I sent to Janet, and her response to it can be found here.

I wrote a number of different poems over the ten days of the challenge and picked three to submit as my response. The following is a haiku that I didn't use. I paired it with a Japanese print from the late 1800s. The print is one of my all time favorite works of art! (I took the liberty of adding the iridescence.) You can find it here. I have several other cherita poems that didn't make the cut for the response, but which I will use for Happy Haiga Days in the future.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


raven in snow
iridescence refashioned
by the sun