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April 10, 2019

Ekphrastic April 2019, Day 10: "Three Breton Women in the Forest"

Today is National Siblings Day and so I have a poem about three women whom I imagined to be sisters.

"Three Breton Women in the Forest" (1894-1895) by Georges Lacombe [1868-1916].

on a Sunday

for an hour three sisters
meet in the woods

away from husbands,
children, meals, laundry...
serenity trumps even gossip

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

Gossip now has negative connotations of cattiness, and is an activity most often attributed to women. Interestingly, the word gossip has the same root as sibling.
In Old English, a sibling was a relative, with sib an adjective and noun for '(one) related by blood or descent'. (That sib also shows up in gossip, from godsibb, 'godparent'; in Middle English this was used for 'a close friend', especially 'a person with whom one gossips', hence its evolution into 'idle talk' centuries later.)

Source: Oxford Dictionaries

A cherita is a haiku-like poem of three stanzas that tells a "story." The first stanza is one line and sets the scene. Stanza two is two lines, stanza three is three lines. A cherita terbalik is a cherita with the order of the stanzas rearranged.


  1. Interesting about the roots of the words sibling and gossip. Who knew?

    Not only am I enjoying your cheritas, I'm learning about new artists! Love the three different colored aprons . . .

    1. Jama, you're the #1 artist promoter via FB. I enjoy seeing whose work you'll be posting next.

  2. My mother was one of three sisters. She would have loved this, as I do, Diane. Interesting about the connection between sibling & gossip!

    1. I remember in elementary school, a college student came into my class and told us a little something about word origins. I think that was the beginning of my interest in words.