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April 5, 2019

Ekphrastic April 2019, Day 5: "Julie Le Brun with a Mirror"

Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun specialized in portraits and was a favorite of Marie-Antoinette. Vigée-Lebrun, painted several dozen portraits of the Queen and her family. She acquired a good deal of fame as a painter at a time when a successful female artist was a rarity.

"Julie Le Brun with a Mirror" (1787) by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun [1755-1842].

trick of the trade

an artist has many tools
aside from symbolism

a pool of water
a polished mirror can
tell a greater story

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

A cherita is a haiku-like poem of three stanzas that tells a "story." The first stanza is one line and sets the scene. Stanza two is two lines, stanza three is three lines. A cherita terbalik is a cherita with the order of the stanzas rearranged.


  1. This painting is so beautiful - I looked at it for a long time. It really does tell a greater story.

    1. Imagine little Julie is the artist's daughter so the "story" is about parental pride, too.