April 12, 2019

Ephrastic April 2019, Day 12: "Midnight Mass"

We're a long way from midnight mass on Christmas eve!

Can't you feel the warmth of the light coming from the church? It pulls your attention to the white horse and the red sled in this the otherwise cold, winter night scene from Canadian artist, Clarence Gagnon.

"Midnight Mass" (circa 1929-1933) by Clarence Gagnon [1881-1942].

midnight mass

snuffling horses and
shuffling walkers head to church

all candles lit, every newly
gifted sweater worn on this
coziest of cold nights

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.

A cherita is a haiku-like poem of three stanzas that tells a "story." The first stanza is one line and sets the scene. Stanza two is two lines, stanza three is three lines. A cherita terbalik is a cherita with the order of the stanzas rearranged.

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  1. Love the cozy pace of this poem, Diane - and that gorgeous lighting in the painting.[I plan to get back and enjoy some of your posts that I've missed! April always flies by.] Happy Poetry Month!