December 29, 2019

Happy Haiga Day!

I don't often use the phrase "I hate" in relation to particular people, but there are exceptions.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


Working Overtime

Early Christians believed turtles
were a symbol of infernal forces.

The last remaining chelonian
to fit the description dwells
in the muck at the bottom of
a Kentucky sinkhole, except,

when he's working in complete
coordination with the demon
resident of the White House.


  1. That Kentucky cacodaemon gives turtles a bad name.

    1. He sure does! Scary idea: 2/3 of turtle species are at risk of extinction. If only we could push one particular turtle to the top of the list! And, if his demonic anti-science master were to go extinct, who knows how many species might be saved.