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March 3, 2020

Haiku Sticky #540

It's Super Tuesday here in Massachusetts and the past few days I've gone back and forth about whom I should vote for. In the end I'm going with my long-time first choice, Elizabeth Warren. The woman has plans and she knows how to make others understand them. Plus, she's a WOMAN and someone needs to break that glass ceiling once and for all. (Wouldn't it be sweet for Warren to be elected this 100th anniversary year of women winning the right to vote?)

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Super Tuesday
casting off my fears
to vote my heart


  1. I knew you'd be a Warren ally! I'm so sorry she dropped out before I had a chance to place my vote.

    1. I'm sorry you didn't get the opportunity. I really think she could have won if people simply voted for her as their preferred choice. So many people said, "I'd like to vote for her, but I don't think she could win against you-know-who." To vote like that is giving your vote away to some mythical other--the establishment, women who vote for whomever their husband votes for, etc.