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June 2, 2020

Haiku Sticky #549

Today's Haiku Sticky is not a haiku, just a short poem in reaction to a country in the midst of dissolution. It was written before the threat of martial law issued last night by the greatest advocate of mischief. Do not be fooled, a mischief maker is not solely a prankster, and I did not write my poem with pranksters in mind. Merriam Webster's online defines mischief as:
1 obsolete : calamity, misfortune
2 a : a specific injury or damage caused by a person or other agency
b : harm, evil, or damage that results from a particular agency or cause
3 : a diseased condition : a cause of sickness
4 a : a cause or source of harm, evil, or irritation; especially : a person who causes mischief
b : the aspect of a situation or the quality of a thing that produces harm or causes irritation
5 : devil
6 a : action or conduct that annoys or irritates without causing or meaning to cause serious harm
b : the quality or state of being mischievous : mischievousness
7 : discord, dissension

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


To What End?

Under cover of chaos
the mischief makers
came to steal the cause.
Did they expect that
a shining city on a hill
could be razed and the
debris would be used for
anything other than
to line a pit of despair?

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