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November 17, 2020

Haiku Sticky #572


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one year after moving
one more box emptied
more than one to go



  1. Diane, I have missed corresponding with you. I am always fascinated by your blog that makes me deeply ponder life. This Haiku sticky is just perfect for me. We have been building a new home in Virginia near my grandchildren since the week before COVID started. It has been difficult to do so virtually for the most part and now it is ready. We have not seen the home in progress since July but even more difficult than that is now trying to sell my Long Island home during these trying times.

    1. Hi Carol! How exciting to be building a home. I wish you luck with your Long Island sale. I was rather lucky and my property sold quickly. The hard part was cleaning out the house before it sold. I'm tripping over boxes in my apartment now, that I really have nowhere to store. I threw away lots of stuff, including three bookcases. I now find I need at least one of those bookcases, because I didn't get rid of enough books. Being a pack rat is a burden.