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February 28, 2021

Happy Haiga Day!

This was written as part of a writing challenge. It was inspired by a poem, "Underwear", by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who died last week. The title of my poem is a line borrowed from Ferlinghetti.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.


Underwear on Clothesline a Great Flag of Freedom  

A long time ago, before clothes dryers,
there were lines of rope strung between
house and tree, or from one apartment
to a second one the next street over. 
Underwear and socks were pinned
to the lines and seemed to benefit
from the time they spent in the sun.

There was hope that whatever stink left
after washers had done their job would
be replaced by the scent of clean, crisp,
fresh breezes. If the socks, briefs and
boxers, panties and brassieres could talk
they would have shouted. "Freedom!"
Those who put them back on would purr.

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