Featuring cherita!

June 6, 2021

Happy Haiga Day!

 © Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.  "Three Pears" by Paul C


early June

the pear tree interlaced
with walnut-sized fruit

come September after
birds and squirrels feast
we'll be lucky to find three


  1. Ha! My daughter has a peach tree & aside from the animals, people walking by take their fill, too! Happy June with pears, Diane!

  2. This happened with our blueberry bush and tulips in MA. :(

  3. It's universal! My NH friend used to have her peach tree stripped by a woodchuck that climbed the tree to help himself. The Shakers used to plant with this is mind: 1/3 for the people, 1/3 to share/sell, and 1/3 for the animals.