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June 30, 2009


Don't you love using the instructions that come in items that have been manufactured in non-English speaking countries? I recently helped a friend put up a screen house. Some of the phrasing made it difficult to put the thing together, but, thanks to the drawings, eventually, we got it done.

Some instructions, though, you have to wonder why they're included. I consider them, "well, duh!" instructions. A perfect example came with a roll-up rubber keyboard. (A fabulous invention that I've found makes using a Asus Eee PC, with its 7" screen, a whole lot easier!)

It starts out okay,

It's nice to know that if I'm sending email in the middle of the Sahara, I'll be able to type it out. I'm kind of doubtful, though, that a WiFi connection will be made.

But then, the instructions move on to the "well, duh!" portion--the things you shouldn't do:

And, don't even think of testing or toasting your keyboard!

Please, go to the gym if you want to build your biceps!

I guess it's so obvious that you shouldn't do these things that no one bothered to proofread this section before it went to print!


  1. What? I can't roast it? Nor twist it? Well, there go my evening plans of a workout and then a snack.

  2. Hi Laura! Aren't these instructions a hoot? They really did come with the keyboard!