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July 18, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Eat!

And if she's gonna do it, she might as well do it right! I have a few dietary restrictions, so I was pleased to come across the FoodieView site.

I sometimes spend hours looking for recipes (it's an idle pastime since I don't really cook). In the past I've gone to allrecipes.com. It's chocky-block full of recipes, but if there's a good way to sort them by restrictions, then I haven't found it. You can search under the term "diabetic," or "gluten-free," or whatever your restriction is, but it's not a particularly efficient way to search since you might turn up hundreds of recipes without differentiation. (You do have the option of narrowing your search by category such as "breakfast and brunch," but not by ingredient.) FoodieView has a better way to search recipes. Click on the "Recipe Search Engine," and from the drop-down menu you can choose from "diabetic," "gluten-free," "heart-healthy," "low-carb," "vegetarian," and "vegan." You're taken to another page where you can put in an ingredient, a type of cuisine, the name of a dish, or something random like "high fiber."

If you live near a major city, the site has a restaurant guide. And, if you're really into cooking, there's a section under the tab "tools and resources," which covers cookbook reviews directing you to tested "must have" cookbooks. (Great if you want to purchase a cookbook as a gift!)

It's only 4:28 pm and for some reason I'm ready for dinner!

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